Hail Map on September 22, 2023

The weather event on September 22, 2023 includes Hail, Wind, and Tornado maps. 12 states and 142 cities were impacted and suffered possible damage. The total estimated number of properties impacted is 4,902.
Hail map on September 22, 2023


Estimated number of impacted properties by a 1.00" hail or larger


Estimated number of impacted properties by a 1.75" hail or larger


Estimated number of impacted properties by a 2.50" hail or larger

Storm reports


09/22/20236:48 PM CDTSocial media report of ping pong ball sized hail nw of hemingford.
09/22/20236:17 PM CDTMping report of 1.5in hail.
09/22/20235:11 PM CDTStorm chaser reports 2.5 inch hail in harrison with picture included.
09/22/20234:58 PM CDTSocial media report of golf ball sized hail in harrison.
09/22/20234:54 PM CDTMping report of 1.75in hail in northern sioux county.
09/22/20234:33 PM CDTSlack report of 1 inch hail in potter.
09/22/20234:30 PM CDTTrained spotter reports golfball sized hail near potter.
09/22/20234:14 PM CDTSlack report of quarter sized hail in dix.
09/22/20234:08 PM CDTTrained spotter reports quarter sized hail west of dix.
09/22/20234:02 PM CDTSlack report of 1.25in hail east of kimabll on us-30.
09/22/20236:42 AM CDTQuarter size hail in ord.
09/22/20236:42 AM CDTQuarter size hail in ord.
09/22/20236:33 AM CDTSocial media report of quarter size hail in ord just after 6:30am.


09/22/20234:30 PM CDTCorrects previous hail report from 12 ne lusk. Delayed public report of racquetball sized hail. Standard racquetball ball is 2.25in.
09/22/20234:00 PM CDTDelayed social media report of 2.5in hail 15 miles ne of lusk or 7 miles ne of node.
09/22/20233:01 PM CDTEmergency management reported nickel to quarter sized hail along us hwy 85.
09/21/20238:27 PM CDTTrained spotter reports nickel to some quarter sized hail.


09/22/20239:43 AM CDTReports of nickle to quarter size hail covering the road.

Cities Impacted by Hail Map on September 22, 2023

Please be aware that the storm maps provided by HailTrace include estimates of the number of structures impacted by storms on the specified date. These estimates are derived from data provided by Microsoft, including building footprint data generated using computer vision algorithms applied to satellite imagery. While HailTrace makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of this information, it is not guaranteed and should be used as a general reference only. The actual number of impacted structures may differ from the estimates provided on the storm maps.

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