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We offer a wide range of address specific impact hail reports that provide detailed insights into historical severe weather events.
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Certified ReportsThis report gives you a date of loss and causation to decrease dispute times and increase claim approval rates.
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Based on our historical hail data

We pride ourselves in relying on data that we gathered in over 10 years of being in the industry. HailTrace hail reports have become the industry standard for covering weather events and impacted locations details thanks to our meteorologist team.

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Whether you need a meteorologist to verify one of the hail reports or require a court ready variant, we have all the tools needed to provide that. Our team uses self collected data and NOAA storm reports to provide you with the most information possible. Our user-friendly PDF design lets you see all the details without any confusion. If you need to print one of the impact reports, we've made sure that this is not an issue.