Meteorologist + AI = Simplified Weather

  • Interactive Hail Maps Verified by a Team of Meteorologists
  • Address Specific Weather Reports With Over 10 Years of Data
  • Most Accurate Roof Damage Maps With Detailed Data
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Why HailTrace?

With over 10 years of experience in the industry, HailTrace as a technology company excels in weather forensics. Our team of meteorologists focuses on providing the most precise hail maps, wind maps, and tornado maps across all the United States, Canada, and Australia in real time. All of our hail maps are interactive and provide extensive data about the event, including a detailed swath by swath house count, impacted zones, and possible roof damage. Click below to schedule a 20-minute demo and learn how we can exponentially grow your company today.
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Our Features

We offer a variety of tools that work side by side with our industry leading hail, wind and tornado maps.

Asset Management

Input your assets into HailTrace in order to know when they are impacted by a storm and attach contacts to the assets for an easy way to reach out to them when they are impacted.


Get lists of residential and commercial properties impacted by hail, wind, or tornadoes. Lists include Names, Phone Numbers, Email Address's and more.


Keep tracking of door knocking results and statistics for each sales representative on your team.

Forensic Reports

Get site specific severe weather reports reviewed by our team of meteorologists.

And other features like Sales Pipeline, JobNimbus Integration and Impact Reports.
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And More

If you need a few more reasons why HailTrace is the leader in hail, wind, and tornado tracking solutions then check these out!

Mobile App

Designed to work on iPhone and Android to support your sales teams that are always on the go!

Premium Customer Support

HailTrace support is available 24/7 with out-of-the-box support. We will even help you set up your account for success

Honey Hole Finder

Find hidden areas that have a higher risk for damage from severe weather.

Storm Notifications

Keep abreast of the latest hail, wind & tornado events with weather damage.

Live Forecast

Daily forecast given to cover the areas most at risk to impacted by large hail high winds or tornadoes!


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