Hail Map on September 30, 2023

The weather event on September 30, 2023 includes Hail and Wind maps. 9 states and 54 cities were impacted and suffered possible damage. The total estimated number of properties impacted is 420.
Hail map on September 30, 2023


Estimated number of impacted properties by a 1.00" hail or larger


Estimated number of impacted properties by a 1.75" hail or larger


Estimated number of impacted properties by a 2.50" hail or larger

States Impacted by Hail Map on September 30, 2023

Storm reports

New Mexico

09/30/202312:19 AM CDTAsos station ktcc tucumcari muni airport.
09/29/202311:52 PM CDTAsos station krow roswell air center.


09/30/20233:59 AM CDTKlhx recorded a 65 mph wind gust on 09/30/23 between 4-5 pm mdt from outflow winds.
09/30/20233:53 AM CDTAsos station klaa lamar airport. Convective rain showers producing strong winds.


09/29/202310:21 PM CDTMesonet station 60 pine springs gmnp.
09/29/20238:09 PM CDTCorrects previous tstm wnd gst report from 2 e fort bliss. Downburst wind gust measured at kelp. A moderate number of power outages followed these stronger gusts.


09/30/20236:00 PM CDTMesonet station dpg03 v-grid.
09/29/20239:00 PM CDTMesonet station dpg17 interstate 80.
09/29/20239:00 PM CDTMesonet station lgcut logan campbell hdq.
09/29/20238:57 PM CDTAsos station klgu logan-cache airport.
09/29/20238:04 PM CDTMesonet station wrru1 white reef.


09/29/20239:50 PM CDTA few large trees uprooted. Time estimated via radar.
Please be aware that the storm maps provided by HailTrace include estimates of the number of structures impacted by storms on the specified date. These estimates are derived from data provided by Microsoft, including building footprint data generated using computer vision algorithms applied to satellite imagery. While HailTrace makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of this information, it is not guaranteed and should be used as a general reference only. The actual number of impacted structures may differ from the estimates provided on the storm maps.

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