Hail Map on September 21, 2023

The weather event on September 21, 2023 includes Hail, Wind, and Tornado maps. 16 states and 344 cities were impacted and suffered possible damage. The total estimated number of properties impacted is 26,610.
Hail map on September 21, 2023


Estimated number of impacted properties by a 1.00" hail or larger


Estimated number of impacted properties by a 1.75" hail or larger


Estimated number of impacted properties by a 2.50" hail or larger

Storm reports


09/21/20236:25 PM CDTA local report indicates 1.00 inch wind near 2 NE Saffordville
09/20/202311:46 PM CDTDelayed report. Large tree uprooted in mankato along with several other large branches fallen or damaged. Time estimated from radar.
09/20/202310:51 PM CDTNickel to quarter sized hail. Time est from radar.
09/20/202310:02 PM CDTEms spotter noted heavy dumpster moved approx 100ft in parking lot from high winds. Time approx from radar.
09/20/20239:59 PM CDTA local report indicates 74 MPH wind near 6 SSE Norton
09/20/20239:58 PM CDTDavis station.
09/20/20239:49 PM CDTSustained at 45 mph.
09/20/20239:36 PM CDTDelayed report of nickel to quarter sized hail in oberlin.
09/20/20239:36 PM CDTDelayed report of 1 inch hail at highway 36 and 83 in oberlin.
09/20/20239:00 PM CDTDelayed report received via social media of an estimated 60 mph thunderstorm wind gusts as well as pea to marble sized hail at location. Time is radar estimated.
09/20/20237:56 PM CDTA local report indicates 1.75 inch wind near Neosho Rapids
09/20/20237:30 PM CDTDelayed report sent via social media of baseball sized hail approximately 7 miles se of danbury... Ne and 1 mile into ks from the state border.


09/21/20236:16 PM CDTA local report indicates 1.00 inch wind near 8 SE Mccook
09/21/20236:06 PM CDTA local report indicates 1.75 inch wind near Red Cloud
09/21/20236:05 PM CDTLaw enforcement reports hail increasing in size... Up to golf ball size.
09/21/20236:00 PM CDTLaw enforcement reports quarter size hail occurring in red cloud.
09/21/20235:55 PM CDTDelayed report received of hail up to 2 inches in diameter at location. Time is radar estimated.
09/21/20235:46 PM CDTVarious reports with largest report from law enforcement and fb with baseball sized hail. Large hail lasted about 25min. Lots of car damage. Trees leaves also took a be
09/21/20235:30 PM CDTHail on the ground ranged from nickel to half dollar sized.
09/21/20235:03 PM CDTQuarter size hail south of rosemont.
09/21/20235:00 PM CDTCwop station 9.5 miles sw mccook.
09/21/20234:54 PM CDTTennis ball to baseball size hail reported on darr road near lauby cattle. Time estimated from radar.
09/21/20234:51 PM CDTA local report indicates 1.50 inch wind near 1 ENE Culbertson
09/21/20234:50 PM CDTHail to the size of green walnut. Time estimated from radar.
09/21/20234:50 PM CDTPublic report relayed via a storm chaser of possible softball size hail south of the darr interchange on interstate 80. Photos accompanying the report showed damage to
09/21/20234:48 PM CDTSocial media report of golf ball size hail 6 miles south of axtell.
09/21/20234:43 PM CDTPublic report of 1.5 inch hail becoming heavy rain.
09/21/20234:41 PM CDTSocial media report of 2 inch hail in cowles.
09/21/20234:40 PM CDTA local report indicates 1.75 inch wind near Culbertson
09/21/20234:27 PM CDTDelayed report from social media. Time estimated by radar.
09/21/20234:23 PM CDTReport with photo from facebook. Location was between johnson lake and interstate 80. Time estimated from radar.
09/21/20233:50 PM CDTSpotter driving a semi on highway 6 ran into storm and had hail ranging from ping pong to tennis ball. Time approx by radar.
09/21/20233:39 PM CDTMostly quarters with some half dollars mixed in.
09/21/202312:05 AM CDTEstimated wind gusts of 50 to 60 mph. Time estimated from radar.
09/20/202310:03 PM CDTDavis station.
09/20/20238:30 PM CDTPublic report via social media with photo of estimated golf ball size hail in danbury with second round of storms. Time and location estimated.
09/20/20237:46 PM CDTCounty sheriff reported to dispatch.
09/20/20237:11 PM CDTTrained spotter reported gold ball sized hail in danbury.
09/20/20237:11 PM CDTCorrects previous hail report from danbury. Trained spotter reported golf ball sized hail in danbury.
09/20/20237:00 PM CDTGust recorded 8ssw of indianola... Ne. Unable to find specific site id.
09/20/20237:00 PM CDTPublic report via social media of constant hail pea to quarter size between approx. 7 to 750 pm cdt with first round of storms through danbury. Location estimated.


09/21/20235:41 PM CDTMesonet station xpeg port everglades measured a wind gust of 70 mph as a thunderstorm moved through the area. Site elevation is at 135 feet.
09/21/20235:40 PM CDTMesonet station 1694w fswn ft. Lauderdale-hollywood international airport measured a wind gust of 66 mph as a thunderstorm moved through the area.
09/21/20234:09 PM CDTReport with photo verification of a large tree down blocking roadway at intersection of ne 2nd st and ne 2nd ave.
09/21/20232:35 PM CDTTree branches down at corner of lee rd and edgewater dr. Power is out in the area.
09/21/20232:32 PM CDTFdem official reports measured wind gust of 58 mph in a thunderstorm.


09/20/20238:20 PM CDTTwo campers reported rolled over... Multiple others damaged at the world shooting complex near sparta.
09/20/20238:16 PM CDTTree and power lines down near marissa.


09/21/20236:26 PM CDTReport from mping: half dollar
09/21/20236:22 PM CDTReport from mping: quarter
09/21/20236:21 PM CDTMultiple social media pictures of near tennis ball size hail in krum.
09/21/20236:20 PM CDTGolf ball hail 1e krum via spotter.
09/21/20235:34 PM CDTSpotter relayed report of quarter size hail east side of denison.
09/20/20237:57 PM CDTA 58 mph wind gust was recorded 2 minutes after the 87 mph wind gust.
09/20/20237:55 PM CDTEmergency manager report of overturned rvs near the intersection of fritch fortress road and amarillo road. There is also damage to what appears to be a house being bui


09/20/20238:40 PM CDTA local report indicates 1.00 inch wind near Wright

Cities Impacted by Hail Map on September 21, 2023

Please be aware that the storm maps provided by HailTrace include estimates of the number of structures impacted by storms on the specified date. These estimates are derived from data provided by Microsoft, including building footprint data generated using computer vision algorithms applied to satellite imagery. While HailTrace makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of this information, it is not guaranteed and should be used as a general reference only. The actual number of impacted structures may differ from the estimates provided on the storm maps.

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