Hail Map on May 16, 2024

The weather event on May 16, 2024 includes Hail, Wind, and Tornado maps. 11 states and 588 cities were impacted and suffered possible damage. The total estimated number of properties impacted is 142,344.
Hail map on May 16, 2024


Estimated number of impacted properties by a 1.00" hail or larger


Estimated number of impacted properties by a 1.75" hail or larger


Estimated number of impacted properties by a 2.50" hail or larger

Storm reports


05/16/202412:45 PM CDTSeveral downed trees and powerlines across immokalee. Tree down at 59th and palmetto ave blocking entire roadway.
05/16/202412:45 PM CDTPictures on social media of damage left behind after strong thunderstorm. Medium-large tree limbs broken... Power line poles down... Tents blown over.
05/16/202412:45 PM CDTCorrects previous tstm wnd dmg report from 1 ene immokalee. Several downed trees and powerlines across immokalee. Tree down at south 9th and palmetto ave blocking entir
05/16/20245:25 AM CDTFranklin eoc weatherstem gusted to 60 mph along the coast.
05/16/20245:25 AM CDTA local report indicates 70 MPH wind near Apalachicola Airport
05/16/20245:15 AM CDTPorch screens ripped apart... Doors mechanisms torn... Dead trees broken... Light debris scattered.
05/16/20245:13 AM CDTAmbient station gusted to 74 mph.
05/16/20245:07 AM CDTAmbient station gusted to 62 mph.
05/16/20245:06 AM CDTDowned cable lines in port st. Joe.
05/16/20245:02 AM CDTAmbient station gusted to 87 mph.
05/16/20245:01 AM CDTAmbient station gusted to 71 mph.


05/16/20245:15 PM CDT[landspout] corrects previous landspout report from 18 ne whitewater.
05/16/20245:12 PM CDT[landspout]

North Dakota

05/15/20249:40 PM CDTDelayed report from social media... Time estimated from radar.
05/15/20249:15 PM CDT1 inch hail reported 2 miles north of luverne nd.


05/16/20242:35 AM CDTWeatherflow station
05/16/20242:06 AM CDTFt gaines nos/coops site measured a marine wind gust of 58 mph.

South Dakota

05/15/20247:50 PM CDTPea sized hail


05/16/20246:59 PM CDTReport of tree down on the southbound land of hwy 62 near the new cherry grove baptist church. Time estimated from radar.
05/16/20246:57 PM CDTReport from mping: half dollar
05/16/20246:57 PM CDTPower pole snapped off by the storm was replaced in downtown buna. Time estimated by radar.
05/16/20246:56 PM CDTReport of tree down on fm 363 and lewis chapel. Time estimated from radar.
05/16/20246:55 PM CDTAwos station kmcj houston univ.
05/16/20246:54 PM CDTMesonet station ptkt2 650 patricks bayou at east 8th s.
05/16/20246:54 PM CDTMesonet station 55 5sw st. Lawrence... Tx.
05/16/20246:52 PM CDTA local report indicates 1.00 inch wind near 4 SW Christoval
05/16/20246:52 PM CDTMesonet station ur098 3.3 nw greenwood
05/16/20246:51 PM CDTNumerous power poles and trees knocked down or snapped off.
05/16/20246:48 PM CDTSmall shed blown away and dumpster tipped over.
05/16/20246:45 PM CDTMultiple areas of wind damage including billboards blown apart and a radio tower collapsed along bus 20.
05/16/20246:45 PM CDTAsos station kiah houston intnl.
05/16/20246:43 PM CDTA local report indicates 1.00 inch wind near 15 NNW Eldorado
05/16/20246:43 PM CDTNumerous windows blown out downtown skyscrapers.
05/16/20246:43 PM CDTPhoto of tree blown down on a powerline south of evadale. Time estimated from radar.
05/16/20246:41 PM CDTWidespread trees downed across the area. Homes damaged throughout the neighborhood.
05/16/20246:39 PM CDTMultiple trees down. Denver harbor area.
05/16/20246:35 PM CDTRosas cafe sign blown apart.
05/16/20246:35 PM CDTAwos station kmdd midland airpark.
05/16/20246:30 PM CDTAwos station kpvw hale county airport.
05/16/20246:30 PM CDTLarge trees down i45 & parker rd.
05/16/20246:30 PM CDT*** 4 fatal *** 4 confirmed fatalities and 1 unconfirmed fatality across different locations across the houston metro area from fallen trees and a crane incident.
05/16/20246:28 PM CDTAsos station kmaf midland.
05/16/20246:27 PM CDTWest texas mesonet.
05/16/20246:26 PM CDTAsos station kodo odessa.
05/16/20246:25 PM CDTLarge tree uprooted and street light taken down by high winds.
05/16/20246:23 PM CDTLarge tree uprooted near sherwood park.
05/16/20246:20 PM CDTStorm chaser sent a photo of a gas station canopy destroyed.
05/16/20246:17 PM CDTA local report indicates 1.00 inch wind near Crane
05/16/20246:15 PM CDTPhoto showing approximately half dollar size hail.
05/16/20246:15 PM CDTMesonet station cw9236 cypress.
05/16/20246:15 PM CDTMultiple trees down.
05/16/20246:15 PM CDTMesonet station fw9685 odessa.
05/16/20246:14 PM CDTA local report indicates 1.50 inch wind near 11 WSW Mertzon
05/16/20246:12 PM CDTHail ranged from half inch to quarter size at sh191 and avalon.
05/16/20246:10 PM CDTTransmission lines down.
05/16/20246:10 PM CDTCorrects previous flash flood report from 6 wnw honey island. Ham reports large tree down across fm 1293 in honey island. Time estimated by radar.
05/16/20246:08 PM CDTTornado touched down near intersection of tuckerton and greenhouse roads then tracked southeastward through highlands subdivision. Numerous single family homes had roof
05/16/20246:05 PM CDTA local report indicates 2.75 inch wind near 6 N Barnhart
05/16/20246:03 PM CDTAsos station klbb lubbock intl airport.
05/16/20246:02 PM CDTNumerous power outages resulting from downed powerlines from trees. Time estimated by radar.
05/16/20246:00 PM CDTMesonet station fw9693 pyote.
05/16/20246:00 PM CDTTrees downed.
05/16/20246:00 PM CDTRoof damage kermier rd and pine tree lane. Debris multiple directions.
05/16/20245:58 PM CDTMesonet station 030hc 4650 hwy 6 at sh290.
05/16/20245:57 PM CDTReport from mping: quarter
05/16/20245:56 PM CDTWest texas mesonet.
05/16/20245:55 PM CDTRoof damage to newly built home.
05/16/20245:53 PM CDTAsos station kink wink.
05/16/20245:51 PM CDTEstimated 60 to 70 mph wind gusts at billy hext and sh 191.
05/16/20245:50 PM CDTGolf ball sized hail observed at university and grandview in odessa.
05/16/20245:50 PM CDTMesonet station 1757w texas a&m kyle field.
05/16/20245:45 PM CDTTrees down.
05/16/20245:45 PM CDTTrees down. Social media.
05/16/20245:44 PM CDTLarge metal barn destroyed... Trailers rolled. Metal debris strewn 1000 yards to se. Tree fall in multiple directions ranging from s to nw.
05/16/20245:42 PM CDTTime estimated by radar.
05/16/20245:39 PM CDTMultiple observations of quarter sized hail in west odessa.
05/16/20245:30 PM CDTTrees down... Metal roofs blown off.
05/16/20245:29 PM CDTReport from mping 3-inch tree limbs broken; power poles broken.
05/16/20245:23 PM CDTReport from mping 1-inch tree limbs broken; shingles blown off.
05/16/20245:19 PM CDTSeminole fire department reported power lines down at cr316 and cr327.
05/16/20245:15 PM CDTNumerous reports of wind damage in addition to power outages in fayette county... Including the city of la grange.
05/16/20245:15 PM CDTPhoto shared of a collapsed radio tower near notrees. Time is estimated from radar. Wind speeds are estimated to have been approximately 110-120 mph.
05/16/20245:13 PM CDTA local report indicates 61 MPH wind near 6 NNW Levelland
05/16/20245:13 PM CDTJasper county 911 reports multiple power outages and power lines down across the county with the storms passage.
05/16/20245:10 PM CDTTrees down. Funnel cloud sighted... Possible tornado. Near wesley.
05/16/20245:00 PM CDTReport from mping trees uprooted or snapped; roof blown off.
05/16/20245:00 PM CDTPublic photo shared of half dollar size hail.
05/16/20244:57 PM CDTDamage to a barn as well as a flipped rv near winedale off fm 2714.
05/16/20244:55 PM CDT3 inch diameter hail measured... Photo via twitter/x.
05/16/20244:55 PM CDTReport from mping 3-inch tree limbs broken; power poles broken.
05/16/20244:45 PM CDTReport relayed via the public from nws hgx of wind damage and numerous trees limbs down along highway 21 and private rd 80 northwest of giddings.
05/16/20244:45 PM CDTTrees down on roadways.
05/16/20244:45 PM CDTDelayed social media report of downed trees... Several large tree limbs... And minor cosmetic damage within the town of warda.
05/16/20244:35 PM CDTWest texas mesonet. Also gusted to 59 mph from 4:36 to 4:37 pm.
05/16/20244:31 PM CDTLarge tree down over the road at mcneil and parmer in north austin.
05/16/20244:27 PM CDTLarge tree down in north austin via slack.
05/16/20244:26 PM CDTTyler county 911 reported powerlines down and power outages occurred across the county with the storms passage.
05/16/20244:24 PM CDTCounty dispatch reported 1 inch hail over diamond lil strip.
05/16/20244:20 PM CDTDamage to a carport... Tossed and mangled and partially removed roof damage to a barn in west bastrop. Time approximated via radar.
05/16/20244:15 PM CDT6+ inch diameter tree snapped in circle c neighborhood in south austin.
05/16/20244:15 PM CDTFallen trees and home damage reported along wolf run road.
05/16/20243:30 PM CDT[landspout] video relayed by media.
05/16/20242:40 PM CDTNumerous power outages in milam... Tx.
05/16/20242:31 PM CDTA picture was posted to social media of quarter size hail that fell near broaddus.
05/16/20241:21 PM CDTObserved on live-streaming webcam. Mostly dime to nickel size with a few quarter size stones.
05/16/20241:21 PM CDTObserved on
05/16/202412:43 PM CDTA local report indicates 1.75 inch wind near Snyder
05/16/202412:40 PM CDTReport from mping: quarter
05/16/202412:00 AM CDTPicture of half dollar sized hail.
05/15/202411:45 PM CDT2 minutes of hail with max size of golfballs.
05/15/202410:01 PM CDTReport from mping: 3-inch tree limbs broken; power poles broken.
05/15/20248:50 PM CDTGolf ball and larger hail across mason.
05/15/20248:18 PM CDTA local report indicates 1.50 inch wind near 4 W Hext
05/15/20248:02 PM CDTReport from mping: half dollar
05/15/20248:01 PM CDTCoop observer reported quarter size hail and 50 mph winds just south of the menard airport at 8:01 pm.
05/15/20248:00 PM CDTMeasured gust to 81 mph by the menard west texas mesonet station.
05/15/20247:45 PM CDTTin roof blown off a structure along highway 158 northeast of sterling city.
05/15/20247:40 PM CDTEstimated 70+ mph winds at sterling city.
05/15/20247:34 PM CDTFire department working power lines down between kountze and silsbee.
05/15/20247:25 PM CDTTree limbs down.
05/15/20247:25 PM CDTFire dept working an area of downed power lines southwest of silsbee.
05/15/20247:20 PM CDTNumerous power outages resulting from downed power lines and trees. Time estimated by radar.
05/15/20247:15 PM CDTMesonet station 9221d morgan's point.
05/15/20247:15 PM CDTMesonet station cbht2 1710 cedar bayou at sh 99.
05/15/20247:11 PM CDTReport from mping: trees uprooted or snapped; roof blown off.
05/15/20247:10 PM CDTLarge trees blow down across fm 770 about 1 mile west of saratoga tx. Several power lines down in the same area as well.
05/15/20247:07 PM CDTWind blew back part of roof at chambers county ems in cove. Time estimated by radar.
05/15/20247:05 PM CDTMultiple ships along the upper houston ship channel have either broken away or are currently being supported by tugs. A pollution incident is reported at kavavnaugh doc
05/15/20247:03 PM CDTMesonet station mndt2 midland.
05/15/20247:02 PM CDTMesonet station scpt2 2200 houston ship channel at jua.
05/15/20247:01 PM CDTMesonet station hlnt2 g103 san jacinto river at i-10 e.
05/15/20247:00 PM CDTNumerous trees and power lines down.
05/15/20247:00 PM CDTReport from mping: 1-inch tree limbs broken; shingles blown off.
05/15/20247:00 PM CDTAsos station khou houston hobby.
05/15/20247:00 PM CDTPublic video of siding damage to cougar stop in buna... Tx. Time estimated by radar.
05/15/20247:00 PM CDTCorrects previous hail report from 1 s buna. Public photo of quarter size hail in buna. Time estimated by radar.


05/16/20246:57 PM CDTReport of a tree down along hwy 26 south of oberlin.
05/16/20246:53 PM CDTPhoto of numerous power poles snapped off on hwy 165 from storms south of oakdale. Time estimated by radar.
05/16/20246:10 PM CDTUtility company reports numerous power outages across beauregard parish. Trees down on power lines and power poles blown down.
05/16/20245:55 PM CDTPowerlines and power poles blown down along portions of hwy 171 south of deridder. Time estimated from radar.
05/16/202412:06 AM CDTBayou bienvenue
05/16/202412:01 AM CDTNew orleans lakefront airport recorded a second wind gust of 82 mph.
05/16/202412:00 AM CDTNofd engine 36 - new orleans east la us weatherstem measured a wind gust of 62 mph.
05/16/202412:00 AM CDTTree reported across i-59 near pearl river.
05/15/202411:53 PM CDTNew orleans lakefront airport measured a wind gust of 82 mph.
05/15/202411:45 PM CDTTree blown down on a fence in river ridge.
05/15/202411:38 PM CDTPeople trapped in overturned vehicle on france rd.
05/15/202411:36 PM CDTMsy asos measured a wind gust of 73.2 knots
05/15/202411:35 PM CDTA few trees and large limbs down.
05/15/202411:34 PM CDTMultiple trees down across covington with a few blocking side streets. Widespread power outages across the city.
05/15/202410:51 PM CDTMultiple reports of trees and power poles down. Cc drop detected on radar as well.
05/15/202410:51 PM CDTTrees down and some minor structural damage.
05/15/202410:46 PM CDTNws storm survey team determined an ef-1 tornado... With a peak wind of 105 mph and a maximum width of 120 yards... Impacted romeville in st. James parish. This tornado
05/15/202410:23 PM CDTReport from mping: 1-inch tree limbs broken; shingles blown off.
05/15/202410:21 PM CDTSnapped power pole off of arnold road in denham springs... La.
05/15/202410:21 PM CDTNumerous downed trees in bayou sorrel near the hwy 75 bridge. Time estimated from radar.
05/15/202410:10 PM CDTReport from mping: 3-inch tree limbs broken; power poles broken.
05/15/202410:10 PM CDTMesonet station 1311w lsu tiger stadium.
05/15/202410:07 PM CDTEm reported numerous trees down throughout the east side of st. Landry parish. High winds reports in melville area along with numerous power outages.
05/15/202410:04 PM CDTLocal em reports 3 homes with damage from downed trees. Time estimated by radar.
05/15/202410:04 PM CDTPublic reports numerous trees and power lines down around the catahoula community. Time estimated by radar.
05/15/202410:00 PM CDTPublic reports numerous trees blown down between breaux bridge and parks.
05/15/202410:00 PM CDTPublic reports damage to a residence. Corner of a roof was lifted up with the storm passage. Time estimated by radar.
05/15/20249:58 PM CDTPublic reports roof blown off of home in st. Martinville. Time estimated by radar.
05/15/20249:57 PM CDTReport from mping: 1-inch tree limbs broken; shingles blown off.
05/15/20249:57 PM CDTTree down on whitehaven.
05/15/20249:56 PM CDTPoles blown over along highland rd and e polk.
05/15/20249:56 PM CDTTree down on a house off of plan rd and n. Acadian thwy.
05/15/20249:55 PM CDTPublic reports residential window sucked out of its frame as the storm passed. Time estimated from radar.
05/15/20249:49 PM CDTAsos station klft lafayette.
05/15/20249:47 PM CDTTrees down in baker. Relayed via social media.
05/15/20249:46 PM CDTAwos station kara 4 sse cade.
05/15/20249:41 PM CDTPublic photo of downed trees blocking the road. Time estimated by radar.
05/15/20249:39 PM CDTReport from mping: 1-inch tree limbs broken; shingles blown off.
05/15/20249:39 PM CDTCorrects previous flash flood report from 2 nnw carencro. Off duty nws employee reports multiple large tree branches down near carencro.
05/15/20249:37 PM CDTMultiple trees down and blocking some roads around slaughter.
05/15/20249:36 PM CDTPublic submitted photo of power poles snapped with lines and transformers attached. Time estimated by radar.
05/15/20249:34 PM CDTCall from the public about strong wind gust measured on a personal weather station.
05/15/20249:33 PM CDTPhoto received of a tree snapped off in lafayette.
05/15/20249:32 PM CDTReport of tree down in the parking lot of raising canes restaurant. Time estimated by radar.
05/15/20249:31 PM CDTVideo received of large tree down on lyman ave in rayne. Time from radar.
05/15/20249:30 PM CDTMedia posted a video of estimated 70 mph wind gust. Time estimated by radar.
05/15/20249:30 PM CDTCorrects previous tstm wnd dmg report from 1 wnw scott. Public submitted a photo of an uprooted tree falling on and partially crushing a small home on st mary st.
05/15/20249:30 PM CDTBranches down.
05/15/20249:30 PM CDTLarge tree snapped.
05/15/20249:30 PM CDTNumerous trees snapped and uprooted. Damage indicators estimate wind gusts of 65 to 80 mph.
05/15/20249:30 PM CDTLarge tree snapped across roadway.
05/15/20249:29 PM CDTPersonal weather station reported a gust to 61 mph with storm passage.
05/15/20249:28 PM CDTNumerous branches snapped near ossun.
05/15/20249:28 PM CDTNumerous branches snapped... Some trees snapped and uprooted.
05/15/20249:24 PM CDTNumerous large branches snapped near vatican.
05/15/20249:15 PM CDTAwos station khzr new roads.
05/15/20249:15 PM CDTMesonet station lsu03 crowley.
05/15/20249:15 PM CDTPublic reports large oak limb was blown down onto power lines.
05/15/20249:06 PM CDTUtility company reports damage to the transmission lines service substations for elizabeth... Pitkin and sugartown.
05/15/20248:02 PM CDTReport of tree down on perkins ferry rd just north of joe miller rd. Time estimated by radar.
05/15/20247:52 PM CDTPhoto of large oak tree blown down on front street in de quincy. Time estimated from radar.
05/15/20247:52 PM CDTTree fell on reneau rd northeast of de quincy. Time estimated from radar.
05/15/20247:33 PM CDTPhoto of large tree down in bayou chicot. Time estimated by radar when a hail core was descending out of storm.
05/15/20247:22 PM CDTPublic report of trees down along hwy 109 near the starks community.
05/15/20247:20 PM CDTNumerous power outages reported north of starks near smith cemetery rd due to downed powerlines.
05/15/20247:12 PM CDTPower outages reported near old river rd due to downed power lines.


05/16/202412:20 AM CDTFascia damage to building and roof damage to open pole barn. Time estimated by radar.

Cities Impacted by Hail Map on May 16, 2024

Please be aware that the storm maps provided by HailTrace include estimates of the number of structures impacted by storms on the specified date. These estimates are derived from data provided by Microsoft, including building footprint data generated using computer vision algorithms applied to satellite imagery. While HailTrace makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of this information, it is not guaranteed and should be used as a general reference only. The actual number of impacted structures may differ from the estimates provided on the storm maps.

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