Hail Map on June 4, 2023

The weather event on June 4, 2023 includes Wind and Hail maps. 24 states and 385 cities were impacted and suffered possible damage. The total estimated number of properties impacted is 30,571.
Hail map on June 4, 2023


Estimated number of impacted properties by a 1.00" hail or larger


Estimated number of impacted properties by a 1.75" hail or larger


Estimated number of impacted properties by a 2.50" hail or larger

Storm reports

North Carolina

06/04/20232:30 PM CDTA few trees down.


06/04/20236:27 PM CDTSeveral sheds blown over or destroyed near the junction of business loop 67 and state route 53.
06/04/20233:40 PM CDTPhoto on facebook shows several hail stones next to a ruler... With the largest stone being an inch in diameter. Time estimated from radar.
06/04/20233:38 PM CDTPhoto on twitter shows several hail stones of at least an inch in diameter... With some possibly slightly larger than an inch in diameter. Time estimated from radar.
06/04/20233:07 PM CDTImages on twitter show large portions of the roof and wall of a church damaged... As well as several trees and large tree branches snapped in the sherman park area. Tim

North Dakota

06/04/20234:10 PM CDTNdawn site.


06/03/20238:15 PM CDTTrained spotter called to report half dollar sized hail at riverbend resort in brownsville... Tx.
06/03/20238:15 PM CDTA member of the public reported golf ball sized hail in west brownsville at 8:15 pm through social media.
06/03/20238:13 PM CDTMember of the public shared pictures of three hail stones all larger than a quarter. They were estimated to be about the size of a golf ball. Time estimated by radar.
06/03/20238:12 PM CDTA member of the public recorded a video showing quarter sized hail and gusty winds at a self car wash at the intersection of canton and raul longoria.
06/03/20238:08 PM CDTMember of the public shared a picture of hail with an estimated size of 2 inches from the corner of fm1421 and fm1732 in cameron county. Time estimated by radar.
06/03/20238:07 PM CDTA member of the public reported quarter sized hail at 8:07 pm in north brownsville through social media.
06/03/20237:32 PM CDTAn nws employee sent in a picture of a power pole leaning on grimes rd east of the fire station. Time estimated by radar and the wind gust recorded at khrl during the e
06/03/20237:31 PM CDTValley international airport gusted to 82 mph at 731 pm cdt.


06/04/20236:20 PM CDTTree in roadway.
06/04/20236:17 PM CDTTree in roadway.
06/04/20236:14 PM CDTTree in roadway.
06/04/20236:07 PM CDTTree in roadway.


06/04/20234:33 PM CDTPower line or cable line was down along a roadway in baldwin.
06/04/20233:27 PM CDTThree farmers reported quarter size hail southwest of terre haute. Crop damage was also reported from the hail. Time estimated by radar.
06/04/20233:20 PM CDTPea to quarter sized hail covering the ground. Hail lasted 10-15 minutes.
06/04/20233:20 PM CDTPea to quarter sized hail lasting 10 to 15 minutes covering the ground. Damage occurred to bean and corn crops.
06/04/20233:18 PM CDTReport via social media with picture.


06/04/20235:09 PM CDTTree down on james williams rd. Off of highway 558.
06/04/20233:27 PM CDTEmergency manager reported dime to quarter sized hail via photo/video.
06/04/20233:20 PM CDTHalf dollar size hail also reported around houma this afternoon.
06/03/202310:40 PM CDTPort of nola administration building measured a wind gust of 64 mph.
06/03/202310:35 PM CDTSite kt0ja cwop mesonet measured a wind gust of 58 mph.
06/03/20237:47 PM CDTTree down across road.
06/03/20237:39 PM CDTTree reported down on highway 783.
06/03/20237:30 PM CDTTree
06/03/20237:30 PM CDTTree down across highway.


06/04/20234:55 PM CDTQuarter size hail reported northeast of new tampa.
06/04/20234:50 PM CDTMesonet station 1672w fswn pasco wesley chapel south.
06/04/20234:15 PM CDTPower outage caused by fallen trees or limbs.
06/04/20233:30 PM CDTFallen trees or limbs resulted in a power outage north of sopchoppy.
06/04/20233:15 PM CDTMultiple reports of trees down throughout wakulla county.
06/03/202311:15 PM CDTPicture received from nws employee of a small tree snapped in pembroke pines in the area of nw 136 ave and nw 11 street. Another smaller tree was downed in the same are


06/04/20233:35 PM CDTAwos station kcbk 2 n colby.


06/04/20236:52 PM CDTRoof damage at the circle k gas station in brookwood. Picture relayed through social media.
06/04/20236:51 PM CDTA few tree branches were knocked down and lawn furniture was tossed around at a residence. Relayed by broadcast/social media.
06/04/20236:10 PM CDTTrees downed on powerlines.
06/04/20236:00 PM CDTQuarter size hail reported east of highway 231/431 near hazel green.


06/04/20234:01 PM CDTMetal chimney blown off the roof of a house. Mailbox damaged. Multiple large branches down.
06/04/20232:53 PM CDTA local report indicates 60 MPH wind near 4 S Mount Union
06/04/20232:53 PM CDTLarge branches down and several shingles off home.


06/04/20232:31 PM CDTMostly dime size but some up to quarter size.
06/04/20231:58 PM CDTTin roof peeled off of machine shed.
06/04/20231:56 PM CDTTree damage in blair. Estimated 50-60 mph winds. Large limb across street and some in power lines.
06/04/20231:52 PM CDTPersonal weather station reported 60 mph.


06/04/20234:35 PM CDTSeveral trees down along sr 623.
06/04/20234:32 PM CDTA local report indicates 1.00 inch wind near 1 ESE Burkes Garden


06/04/20236:18 PM CDTTrained spotter in the town of savage estimated wind gusts of at least 60 mph.
06/04/20235:19 PM CDTA local report indicates 61 MPH wind near 1 WNW Ingomar

West Virginia

06/04/20234:57 PM CDTA local report indicates 1.00 inch wind near 2 ESE Princeton


06/04/20236:55 PM CDTHail size between 1 and 1.25 inches reported.
06/04/20236:25 PM CDTDime to quarter size hail reported.
06/04/20236:15 PM CDTSeveral trees were blown down along stewarts ferry pike. One tree fell on a car and was blocking the road. No injuries were reported.
06/04/20236:10 PM CDTFacebook photos and reports show several trees blown down in the tinnell valley subdivision.
06/04/20236:00 PM CDTTennessee valley weather twitter photo showed estimated quarter size hail in the westside community.
06/04/20236:00 PM CDTTennessee valley weather twitter photo showed estimated quarter size hail in the westside community.
06/04/20236:00 PM CDTCorrects previous hail report from 7 w pulaski. Tennessee valley weather twitter photo showed estimated quarter to half dollar size hail in the westside community.
06/04/20235:46 PM CDTReport from mping: quarter
06/04/20234:25 PM CDTTwitter photo showed a tree blown down onto the driveway of a home in bellevue.
06/04/20234:24 PM CDTSocial media photos and videos showed a microburst blew down a few small trees in the crossings shopping center.
06/03/20237:50 PM CDTSocial media video of quarter to ping pong sized hail.

Cities Impacted by Hail Map on June 4, 2023

Please be aware that the storm maps provided by HailTrace include estimates of the number of structures impacted by storms on the specified date. These estimates are derived from data provided by Microsoft, including building footprint data generated using computer vision algorithms applied to satellite imagery. While HailTrace makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of this information, it is not guaranteed and should be used as a general reference only. The actual number of impacted structures may differ from the estimates provided on the storm maps.

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