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Book a call to learn how generating restoration roof sales during the offseason will produce more roof sales year round!


Our talented team has traveled around the country (25 States) speaking at events helping restoration contractors learn how to scale their businesses year round.


If you win we win!

Track What's Important

Track the data that is important to you! Find opportunities all year by dropping custom pins on targets you want to track. This allows you to leverage locational data to provide your team with high value revenue potential. Then use this data to understand where your team is focusing their efforts in the field.

Track Roof Age

You should know the last time a roof was replaced. Prioritize the opportunities you target by age of the roof. If you have this data, you can quickly get on the most valuable roofs in your area.

Track Roof Type

Knowing the roof type helps put into perspective which materials are more likely to be damaged when new stors impact that roof. Do you specialize in a specific roof type? Track it so you can find them all when new storms come through!

Track Opportunities

Every interaction is an opportunity. Track them all and know where each one is on it's journey to becoming a full fledged revenue maker.

Map View Filters (Filter Your Data on The Map)

Understanding your data in conjunction with storm data gets you to your valuable data more efficently so you spend less time searching and more time collecting checks.

Custom Reports

Get real time reports of exactly what your data is doing. Where are your clients? What areas have we not been to yet? Understanding that will make your team an efficient money making machine

Property Owner Data

Get the latest homeowner data live as you approach a property. Having contact data not only helps you at the door, but can help you with multiple marketing strategies like calls, emails, and postcards to put your team in front of real customers


How it Works

The HailTrace weather team, led by John Choquette, has mapped over 10,000 of certified hail maps since 2012. Our team of experts track and analyze every hail storm across the U.S in real time. Using their collective 40,000 hours of experience, they are able to go beyond the algorithm to deliver the industry standard for accuracy.

John Choquette, Lead Meteorologist

Heather Caye, Meteorologist

Frank Gaetano, Meteorologist

Stephen Barabas, Meteorologist

Andria Meyers, Meteorologist

Chris White, Severe Weather Specialist


How does HailTrace help contractors make money

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We like to think of HailTrace as a sales and opportunity generating tool. The best part about that is that it allows us to tailor HailTrace to fit your team. Depending on your area and the way you do things, we can show you how to get the most out of our tools to help make you more money!

What does a demo accomplish?

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The demo really accomplishes two things. It helps us understand you and what your company is about so we can fully customize a plan to fit your needs. It also allows us to highlight the areas we caan help you find the most success.

How is HailTrace better than all the other Mapping software companies?

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Our team of expert meteorologists use over 10,000 hours of field study and radar experience to track and analyze severe weather across the United States to determine areas that are impacted by hail, wind, and tornadoes. This in-depth analysis gives you the advantage of having the most accurate data at your disposal to generate more revenue.

What happens after I sign up?

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You are assigned a specific Customer Success Specialist that will guide you and coach you on how to leverage the tools HailTrace offers to generate opportunities 365 days a year. The best part is that you do not have to wait on storm season to find opportunities. We like to think of it as having your own personal trainer showing you how to make more gains in the HT gym.



Build your Custom Plan

First thing we do is learn about you. This allows us to build a fully customized plan that will help you accomplish the most with our software. A quick 5 min session allows us to understand your objectives and move you towards the path of year round revenue!


Strategy Creation

After understanding your business goals we can now help you build a strategy that will lead to instant growth within your company! This is done with a short demo of our tools and will help you see the end game and the path it takes to get there.


Let's Get You a Win

We give you guidance and training on how and when to utilize our tools. Our training is designed to leverage your company’s assets to generate the most opportunities available to you at any given time. This includes processing your current customer list against our proprietary weather data to get you a quick list of potential opportunities as quickly as the first day you sign


Optimization Check-ins

Like a great personal trainer, we give you consistent feedback and strategy tips to ensure your continued success. The best way for contractors to be prepared in advance of a storm is to have a system in place to react when a storm does happen. That means having a plan and technology that allows you to get to areas impacted by a storm as quickly as possible. The day after a storm is not the time to come up with that plan.

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