Meteorologist Verified Maps: The Hail Trace Difference

Hail Trace is the only hail mapping company on the market that has hail maps created by and verified by trained meteorologists. All other hail mapping companies utilize exclusively mathematical algorithms and will rarely go back and correct the map if it proves to be inaccurate. Hail Trace does not create hail maps from algorithms but instead are mapped by hand by trained professionals. Using dual-pol radar technology, general knowledge of storm structures, and verification through reports and photo evidence on social media, Hail Trace hail maps are the most accurate maps on the market. Meteorologists at Hail Trace will make sure to completely verify any hail maps and correct them based on feedback to ensure the most precise maps on the market. 

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About Us

Hail Trace is a weather consulting company that excels in weather forensics. We have a team of 4 meteorology experts that analyze every hail storm across the country then develop hail maps for each storm showing the size of hail, duration of hail, number of homes impacted, and wind speed and direction. We can then take this knowledge to alert you immediately to a new hail storm then create and move a marketing plan into action.

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