Dual-Pol Radar: Significantly Increasing Ability to Detect Hail

Dual-Pol Radar:  Significantly Increasing Ability to Detect Hail

          Dual-Pol radar is the latest tool added to the arsenal of technology that Meteorologists have at their disposal when forecasting the weather. Dual-Pol radar is essentially an additional wavelength used to detect the objects in the air. Normal radar uses horizontal waves to detect precipitation. Horizontal waves are great for detecting if there is something in the sky but it does not detect the size of the objects that are falling. So normal radar cannot detect if the objects in the sky are very heavy rain or actually baseball size hail. Dual-pol radar adds an additional vertical wavelength to the radar. With vertical waves, the radar can now get a three dimensional image of the objects in the air. This technology is excellent for detecting hail, sleet, birds, and debris balls of tornadoes. Dual-pol radar helps meteorologists see where the hail core is in the storm much more easily and also give a general idea of how large the hail is that is falling.

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